Sparkle 2019 dates – and new leadership

Sparkle have announced dates for next year’s big celebration of everything trans, along with changes in leadership.

The fifteenth annual festival in Manchester will be from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of July 2019.

World beating

The Sparkle charity say that 18 thousand people attended Sparkle in the Park this year, and that is is “the largest celebration of gender diversity in the world”.

The event centres around Sackville Gardens, alongside Canal Street in the Gay Village. A main stage hosts acts and competitions, including Miss Sparkle, and a range of organisations and food outlets set up stalls around it.

Away from the gardens there is an annual ball, and countless “fringe” events.

Stepping down

Joanne Mason

The charity has also announced that Joanne Mason is stepping down as chair, and that a replacement should be voted-in at the organisation’s AGM.

“The Board of Trustees is sorry to see Joanne go”, says Interim Vice Chair Lee Clatworthy, ” she has been so successful in increasing the profile of the charity … despite the challenges that she has faced over the past 12 months”.

Picture Credits: Sparkle Logo, Sparkle. Joanne Mason, Sparkle





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