Never too late – GRS at 81

At 81 years old Ruth Rose finally had her gender reassignment surgery, 72 years after first knowing she was actually a girl.

“I believe 81 is the oldest it’s ever been done for somebody”, Ruth says, “I was very surprised to be given the chance for a medical transition and naturally took it.”.

A different age

Ruth shared her story with the BBC, telling them that she was a nine year old evacuee during the Second World War when she first realised the truth. 

“At that age and at that time these things were never spoken about,” she says, “so I was unaware of really what it was, except this feeling that I wanted to be a girl and dress in girls’ things.”.

Role Model

She remained secretive about it though, “because I had to be.”. She imagined the feeling would go away, but it never did.

Four years later she wants to be a role model for the trans community, to show that “trans people are not freaks and have a role in society like anyone else”.

Watch her interview here

Picture source: BBC

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