Political group’s video against transphobia

The left-wing political group Momentum has produced a video asking people to stop transphobia, and skip to the inevitable point where being trans is perfectly ok.

Juno Dawson

The video is presented by trans activist and writer Juno Dawson. It compares transphobia today with scaremongering about gay people a few decades ago.

It reminds us of the crazy things people used to say, and about the fight for equality. A series of carefully chosen clips paint a picture of a distant and out-of touch time.

ridiculous people

“Don’t those people look ridiculous now?”, Juno asks, because “same sex-people can get married and (spoiler alert) the world didn’t end”.

“So now that we’re talking about trans issues can we just skip the scary headlines and stories based on falsehoods and exaggeration?”

Momentum was formed after Jermey Corbyn became leader of Labour. It describes itself a grassroots organisation which wants to change the Labour Party and Britain. It’s not without controversy.

More and more people will come out as trans, the video says.

And those watching will know someone trans, it may even be their child.

you’ll look back, and you’ll cringe

“And in 20 years time when you realise that trans people are just the same as everyone else, you’ll look back on what you used to think and you’ll cringe”.

The video’s been produced at a time of bitter debate about the rights of trans people, because of the government’s planned reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

A public consultation is underway until 19th October.

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