Inflammatory stickers about trans pupils withdrawn

An organisation has withdrawn inflammatory stickers about trans people which it encouraged parents to put on pencil cases.

It had been accused of encouraging bullying in schools. Now it claims it never intended the stickers to go into schools, even though the messages it sent said otherwise.

“Although we obviously never intended our stickers to be used in schools, we understand people’s concerns that they could be used to create conflict between students”, Transgender Trend now says.

“This is the last thing we want, so we have withdrawn the stickers from our site. We are sorry, we made a mistake”.

what actually happened

But as we reported five days ago, when the stickers were launched the organisation’s founder told parents they were designed to “stick all over your pencil case! Or somewhere more public.”

And when a supporter Tweeted that they planned to give some to A-level students to stick on their note-books Transgender Trend replied “Good idea!”.

Those Tweets have now been deleted.

incendiary messages

The 14 stickers carried a range of messages against transition and gender education.

Messages included “No child is born in the wrong body”, “Kids shouldn’t be taught in school that they can choose to be a boy or a girl”, and “Teenagers are coming out as transgender after social media binges”.

Transgender Trend want to stop school children being allowed to decide for themselves what gender they are.

“dangerous” and “deeply damaging”

Two of the stickers

The organisation says it stands “for everyone who is concerned about the social and medical ‘transition’ of children, the introduction of ‘gender identity’ teaching into schools and new policies and legislation based on subjective ideas of ‘gender’ rather than the biological reality of sex”.

The LGBT pressure group Stonewall have called some of Transgender Trend’s material “dangerous” and “deeply damaging”.

horrific levels of bullying

They were damning of the stickers too. “As the toxic debate over trans people’s rights intensifies, this contributes to an environment where the bullying of trans students can flourish”, Stonewall said.

“Trans young people are facing horrific levels of bullying. Our 2017 School Report found nearly two in three trans pupils (64 per cent) are bullied for being LGBT, while one in ten (nine per cent) have received death threats”.


Picture Credits: Sticker sheet from Transgender Trend, photo treatment by Transnews. Tweet pic, from Twitter.



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