Petition to ban anti-LGBT school material

A petition urging the government to ban anti-LGBT material from schools is half way to the threshold for forcing a government response.

The person who posted it says schools have recently had an “influx” of anti-LGBT publications.

“We are asking that any and all material, that is first and foremost designed to give a negative view of the LGBT+ community, be removed from schools”, Sarah Woodall’s  petition says.

She gives examples of the sort of subjects that are aimed at affecting pupils:

  • recommendations for conversion therapy
  • scaremongering about conditions which aren’t legally recognised
  • encouraging stuff to break equality laws
  • giving false information about treatment for transgender children

On 14th Sept the petition had reached 5,461 signatures on the website.

At 10,ooo signatures the government has to give a response, and at 100,000 it would be considered for a debate in Parliament.

It has six months to reach the targets.



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