Mayor condemns abuse of trans people

Joe Anderon, Maoyor of Liverpool

The Mayor of Liverpool has accused a group that oppose transgender rights of intimidation and bullying.

Joe Anderson told a meeting of the council that transgender people, councillors, and he himself had been subjected to “torrents of abuse”.

The group responsible were opposed to a council motion supporting Liverpool’s transgender community.


Previously women calling themselves the Re-sisters have placed penis shaped stickers in public places in Liverpool, and on the famous Antony Gormley statues on Crosby beach, just outside the city.

“That was done in a hateful way”, the Mayor said.

Another group put up a billboard which is meant to imply that trans women are not women at all.

The very vocal groups are opposed to possible changes to the law, which would allow trans women to officially change their gender with less red-tape and expense.

We won’t tolerate abuse of members of this community, that we respect, value and love.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool

Bullying and intimidation

Mr Anderson said the actions of Re-sisters in the city were not about having an open debate.

“That isn’t about equality. That isn’t about fairness.”, he said.

“That’s about bullying and that’s about intimidation. And about proposing hate against people that are different”.

His speech got a standing ovation.

Unanimous support

The Local Democracy Reporting Service say the council unanimously passed a motion that they would treat trans women and cis-women the same.

It says they also committed to lighting council buildings in the colours of the trans flag, and flying the flag over the town hall for a weekend every year.

The flag was flown over the town hall the next day, and the Mayor tweeted a picture.

Media Credits: Joe Anderson pic, Liverpool City Council. Protest pictures comp by transnews, billboard pic from @kiwibirdxx on Twitter, statue pic from @liverpoolresisters on Twitter. Town Hall flying flag, by Joe Anderson of Twitter. Video of council meeting embedded from BBC.


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