X Factor star’s song for trans charity

The X Factor contestant Felix Shepherd has released a single, and all proceeds go to the trans charity Mermaids.

The singer is giving back to the charity, because it helped him with his transition.

“They did help me and my mum quite a lot”, Felix told TransNews.

He is 20 and has transitioned, with a lot of support from his mum.

Mermaids gives help with gender issues to children and young people up to the age of 20.

The single is called “Talk” and it’s available to buy on all the usual online outlets for music.

Preview the song now.

Changing voice

After singing his audition on the X Factor at the start of this series he told the judges his voice had changed dramatically this year as part of his transition.

Felix was worried that he hadn’t yet fully learned how to use his new, deeper voice that came with transition. He felt he’d had problems with parts of the song.

Felix on the X Factor


“It’s difficult,” he explained. “If I played my voice back, like literally in February, I had a falsetto that has disappeared.”

But Robbie Williams quickly reassured him, and told him “your journey so far in life is fascinating and I for one want to see where the rest of this journey is going to take you. It’s a massive yes from me Felix”.

He got four yeses.


“Felix I think that was a brilliant, brilliant audition”, judge Louis Tomlinson said. “The tone that you have, and the tone that you would have on track, would be amazing. I’m confident of that”.

Felix told the judges early in their talk that he’d transitioned.

“In about year nine at school, I told one of my friends that I didn’t really know what it all was. It was that point where I was like – for myself more than anything else – I’ve got to be who I am and tell people”.


He told the judges that he has a lot of support from family and friends “my mum paid for me to have treatment privately. I’m blessed with the people I have around me”

The audience cheered, and Simon Cowell said “good for you. You’ve got a great attitude”.

Robbie Williams


But there was controversy in the trans community after Robbie Williams dead-named Felix.

The first question we saw Robbie Williams ask was “so when you were born, what was your name”.

Felix has made it clear since the episode aired that he was perfectly happy to be asked, and to answer. Other trans people took to Twitter to say it set a bad example to the public that to ask the question is ok, when there are so many who would find it offensive.

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