Watch out for aggressive Terfs Lib-Dems warn

Members of the Liberal Democrats have warned other political parties to make plans to keep away aggressive Terf protestors from their conferences this autumn.

And they’ve offered tips on how to do it, based on what they say they successfully did last week.

“Transphobe pickets”

The Lib Dems’ LGBT+ group said their conference was picketed “by transphobes handing out misleading literature about GRA reform aimed at curtailing trans equality”.

They say protestors were aggressive to conference delegates.

So they fought back. With badges.

“We had hundreds of ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’ badges made and gave them out”, the group is telling members of other political parties.

Keynote support

“They were amazingly popular. Our president, Sal Brinton wore one when she gave her keynote, as did many other high profile figures”.

The need to stand up for trans people was also woven into speeches by senior party figures.

“Essentially we worked with the party HQ and other bodies to mainstream trans equality throughout conference”, the LGBT+ group says.

“Aggressive behaviour”

Writer Quentin Letts and Lib-Dem delegates wear the badges

The claims of aggressive behaviour by Terf protestors was backed up on Twitter by people who’d been to the conference; but one woman who says she handed out leaflets says she was well received.

“One was really aggressive to me, scaremongering about trans people”, Caron Lindsay Tweeted.

“Horrible stuff. I said I would much prefer my child to be around trans people than bigots like them”.

Others agreed.

Cass MacDonald  wrote: “Very aggressive indeed. Utterly ironic, I would think, given they’re the ones insisting the trans community are “aggressively attacking” women’s rights”.

Leah Price told TransNews she handed out leaflets outside the Lib-Dem conference. “I had many pleasant conversations with interested members”.

She wonders whether any delegates have reported “the aggression” to the police.


Picture Credits: Group of badges, and drop photo all from LGBT+ Lib Dems. Single badge edited artwork by TransNews.


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