Trans rights “myth busters” handed out at Labour conference

The LGBT Labour group have been handing out what they call “myth busters” at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

The leaflets are their contribution to the heated debate surrounding the government plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act.

A consultation is underway until October 19th, on the idea that it should be easier and cheaper for trans people to change their legal gender.

Polarised debate

“We know that there is a polarised debate around trans rights”, the leaflet says.

“However, we believe no minority group should have to debate their right to exist in a free and equal society”.

The leaflet goes on to examine several of the arguments being used by women’s groups who are trying to stop the changes to the GRA.

In support of trans people

The “myths” include “trans women are men who just want to invade women’s spaces”, and “trans people are mentally ill”.

Each “myth” is followed by a “buster”, counter arguments and facts which can be used to support trans people and the GRA reform.

It also publicises the recently lunched Trans Allies Network, set up by LGBT Labour to show support for the trans community.

The leaflet being handed out by LGBT Labour


Picture Credits: Leaflet, LGBT Labour from Twitter.


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