Bold campaign against transphobia in Scotland

A bold new campaign against transphobia has been launched in Scotland.

The Scottish government is behind the new adverts which are launched today. They are designed to be blunt letters to haters, from the people of Scotland.

Yours, Scotland

“Dear transphobes”, they say, “do you think it’s right to harass people in the street?”.

After more examples of the abuse trans people often face the ads go on: “we believe people should be allowed to be themselves. Except if they are spreading hate. Yours, Scotland”.

Police support

The advert is one of a series which tackle many different kinds of hate crime, including homophobia and racism.

Police Scotland also back the campaign, which encourages people to report hate crime in order to stop it happening in the future.

“Police Scotland takes hate crime very seriously”, the force says.

Report it to stop it

“In the last year there were over 5,300 charges of hate crime reported to the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland. However, there are many more incidents that go unreported.

“We all have a responsibility to report hate crime if we witness it – it’s the only way we can challenge it, and put an end to it for good”.

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