“Transphobic” protest billboard removed

A billboard poster carrying the google definition of the word “woman” has been removed, after complaints that it was transphobic.

The billboard advert in Liverpool was paid for by the campaign Standing For Women. It wants spaces designed for women to be available only to people assigned female at birth.

The money for the advert was raised through the group’s website. They paid £700 to have the billboard up for two weeks, coinciding with the Labour Party’s annual conference in the city.

“We have been misled”

“We were unaware of the motive behind this campaign”, Primesight Direct said as they announced the advert would be removed.

“Hands up, we have been misled by this campaign’s messaging … we remain fully committed to equality for all”.


Dr Adrian Harrop was one of many people who complained about the billboard to the advertising company who own the site.

He tweeted that the advert was “motivated solely by transphobia and a desire to exclude trans people from public life. To say otherwise is entirely disingenuous”.

“Grotesque misogynistic rage”

Standing For Women say they are taking legal advice about the removal of the poster, and that it was done “in an act of grotesque misogynistic rage”.

The tweet from Primesight Direct

“Our rights were never created for our gender but our sex”, the group say.

It is essential that this word [woman] is retained to mean “adult human female” only.  Without this word all of our rights and protections are lost”.   


Picture Credits: Billboard from @kiwibirdxx on Twitter.


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