First ever Trans Pride for London

London is to get its first ever Trans Pride. It’s being organised for 14th September 2019, in Hackney.

“We deserve our own pride event, a day to come together and stand in a crowd and feel normal”, the organisers say.

The founders are Lucia Black of the activist group Transmissions, and Finn Love of the Savage club night.

clubs are not enough

They both work in nightlife and events and say they’re increasingly aware that clubs just aren’t enough for the community.

“We need sober, day time and family friendly spaces to come together as a community to celebrate”.

It will not be the first Trans Pride event, Brighton has been holding an annual celebration since 2013. It is a first for the capital though.

friends and family too

As well as trans people, the London event will be aimed at those who are non-binary, intersex or non-conforming. And for people who just aren’t sure. Friends and supporters of the community will be welcome to take part too.

“We want to create a space that centres trans people and allows us to take ownership over our narrative”, the organisers say in their Facebook post announcing the event.

“The media are controlling the way trans people are seen and allowed to be seen and our voices are being distorted through a cis het (heterosexual) media lens”.

a celebration

They promise the event will celebrate “trans people, trans narratives, trans experience, our history and our activism”.

Fundraising is underway to make the day happen.

You can read more in the Facebook event post announcing the day: London Trans Pride on Facebook

London Pride hijacked

Trans people also take part in the main, and long established, London Pride March. But last year it was hijacked by anti trans protesters who forced their way to the front and led the parade.

Members of the group Get The L Out walked behind the rainbow flag which leads the procession. They want trans people excluded from the LGBT community.

Their spokesperson told the BBC: “the GBT community today, by supporting the rights of males who “identify as lesbians” (also called “transwomen”) over the rights of lesbians to choose their sexual partners (on the basis of their sex, not how they “identify”) is in fact enforcing heterosexuality on lesbians., arguing that some trans women call themselves lesbians are actually just males”.


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