Second GenderGP doctor suspended

Drs Mike and Helen Webberley

GenderGP’s Doctors Mike and Helen Webberley

A second doctor running an online medical service for trans people has been suspended.

Mike Webberley of GenderGp had been looking after 1,600 trans patients. He’d taken over their care when Dr Helen Webberley (his wife) was suspended in November last year.

Helen Webberley had been found guilty of operating a medical service which hadn’t been registered with the Health Inspectorate in Wales, where she was based. (Read more on that story here).

She said that there had been confusion over exactly what registration was needed, and that she was refused a meeting to ask for guidance.

the medical tribunal

Now the General Medical Council have banned Dr Mike Webberley from carrying out any medical activities. A tribunal judged that his treatment of three young trans patients fell below the standards expected of a registered doctor.

The expert witness who compiled the report said Dr Webberley hadn’t undertaken any specialist training in transgender care, and wasn’t on a register of specialists. That was in spite of the fact that there is no official specialist training scheme, and there is no specialist register either.

GenderGP say the GMC also failed to give the tribunal Dr Webberley’s CV, a resume of his experience, or his response to the allegations against him.

He is believed to be the fourth doctor who has been suspended while offering private healthcare for trans patients in the UK.

care for trans people continues 

GenderGP say that, even though both of the Webberleys are now suspended, their patients will continue to get medical care.

They’ve moved the management of the service outside the UK, and turned to European doctors for help in prescribing treatment.

“We have taken safe and secure steps to make sure that nobody is without care”, says Dr Helen Webberley.

“Our European doctors have been specially trained to advise and prescribe for you, once you have undergone the GenderGP appraisal pathway that has become so popular and well-respected”.

painfully long waits for the NHS

The NHS gender services typically have waiting lists which are around two years long, and they don’t offer some of the services offered by the private GPs.

“The NHS doctors can’t or won’t provide the care for transgender people that is so desperately needed, yet they criticise those who do”, GenderGP said after Dr Mike Webberley was suspended.


Picture credits: Drs Mike and Helen Webberley, and GenderGP logo both from GenderGP.


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