Transphobic stickers designed to provoke

The new transphobic stickers

New transphobic stickers denouncing trans women are being sold by an anti trans campaign group.

The stickers say “Transwomen are men, and most have a penis”.  

The online shop selling them says,”use with extreme caution, likely to cause instant human combustion”, and “these stickers are as dangerous as a lethal weapon, use with care”.

The transphobic billboard in Liverpool, it was quickly removed.

the same haters

They are being produced by the group Standing For Women. That’s the same group which paid for a controversial billboard advert last year.

The billboard ad featured the word “woman” and the definition “adult human female”. It was taken down, against the groups wishes, because it was seen as being transphobic.

fake signage

The group also produce official looking stickers designed to be placed on pubic toilet doors.

Legal sounding language is used to wrongly assert that the toilets may only be used by people assigned female at birth.

The Dundee Evening Telegraph reported that one of those stickers was discovered and removed from a toilet door at Dundee train station last month.

Scotrail told the newspaper that it removed the sticker as soon as it was made aware of it, saying: “we’re committed to making the railway open and accessible for all, and the vast majority of the toilet facilities we provide are unisex”.

hate speech 

Standing for women is run by a woman calling herself “Posie Parker”.

“Posie Parker” has been suspended from Twitter. She’s been temporarily suspended from posting pictures or comments on Instagram in the past, for hate speech.

She has also been interviewed under caution by Wiltshire police.

here we go again

On Facebook “Posie Parker” says the new stickers will be available from June 6th. They seem to be timed to attempt to recreate last summer’s spate of anti-trans stickers appearing in public places.

The 2018 stickers were in the shape of a crudely drawn penis, and printed with the words “women don’t have penises”. One was even placed on the headquarters of Stonewall, the group which campaigns for trans-rights.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool

bullying and intimidation

After the stickers appeared widely in Liverpool, and on Antony Gormley’s famous statues on a beach outside the city, the Mayor condemned them. 

“That was done in a hateful way”, Mayor Joe Anderson said. He criticised the actions of anti-trans campaigners in the city.

“That isn’t about equality. That isn’t about fairness.”, he said. “That’s about bullying and that’s about intimidation. And about proposing hate against people that are different”.




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