Gender neutral loos in high street restaurants

The high street restaurant chain Wagamama are introducing gender neutral toilets in their restaurants.

They’ve promised that at least 40% of their restaurants will make the change this year, and all new branches will be built that way from the start.

to mark Trans Pride

The change will happen by 14th September, and they’ve picked that date because it will be the day of London’s first Trans Pride.

Wagamama already marks Prides around the country. They offer their branches as safe meeting places before the event, and donate to LGBT charities.

The year they’ve added Gendered Intelligence to the list of Pride Partners they will be helping.

Gendered Intelligence works with the trans community, raising awareness of gender issues, and particularly focussing on the needs of younger trans people. 

feel at home

“According to stonewall approximately 600,000 people in the uk identify as transgender or non-binary”, Wagamama say on their website.

“Those people should feel as at home in wagamama as the rest of our guests”.

The chain say they will make their gender neutral toilet spaces into self contained cubicles, with a toilet and basin. They say the toilets will be private and lockable.

growing support

Earlier this month the City of London revealed overwhelming public support for council run toilets to be made gender neutral.

In a survey the authority ran on gender issues, 63% supported the idea of changing loos to be gender neutral spaces.


Picture Credits: Wagamama restaurant, from Wagamama. Gender neutral toilet sign, Transnews original graphic. Tower Bridge, from Wikimedia Commons, made into the comp with toilet sign by Transnews.





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