Dr Who writer dropped over trans tweets

Dr Who’s Tardis

A Dr Who writer has been sacked from a book project, over tweets about trans people that he made in the past.

Gareth Roberts had written a short story for a Dr Who anthology, which is due to be published later this year.

In the past he has written other Dr Who books and tv episodes.

“immediately folded” to pressure

The writer says that when his part in the new book became public some Dr Who fans “agitated” for him to be removed. And he believes other authors working on the book threatened to withdraw from the project if his work was left in.

“BBC Books immediately folded to these demands”, he says. “I was informed that although I would be paid my story would not be published”.

BBC Books is part owned by the BBC, but they don’t control it. The majority shareholder is Penguin Random House publishers.

tweets about “trannies”

The offending tweets were written in 2017, and the writer said they were made in “cheerful vulgarity”. 

In the tweets he made fun of the first names some trans women had chosen to use, and called them “trannies”.

He went on to talk about “clueless gayboys”.

“I don’t believe in gender identity”

Gareth Roberts is actually a gay man himself, and says he has rejected gender stereotypes for as long as he can remember, and deplores discrimination. 

But he does not believe in gender identity, .

“It is impossible for a person to change their biological sex. I don’t believe anybody is born in the wrong body”, he said in a statement about the sacking.

He says his opinions on transgenderism are “neither extreme, not unusual”.


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