Trans healthcare petition passes 13,000 signatures

A petition calling for quicker access to better healthcare for trans people has hit thirteen thousand signatures.

The petition on is titled “Transgender healthcare services in the UK are broken – URGENT improvements are needed”. 

the demands

The petition calls for an urgent review of the NHS waiting times for trans patients. It also says that there needs to be some kind of help for people while they wait for their first NHS appointment.

The other requests include:

  • a modernisation of the way people are assessed and treated
  • recognition of alternative ways of treatment
  • better information, advice and guidelines for GPs
  • an end to penalising patients who turn to private care
suspension of doctor spurs more signatures

There has been a flurry of signatures since the suspension last month of the second of the two doctors who wrote the letter.

Dr Mike Webberley was suspended in mid-May over his private treatment of trans patients. He had take over treatment of 1,600 patients from Dr Helen Webberley when she was suspended in November last year.

Drs Mike and Helen Webberley

Doctors Mike and Helen Webberley

life-threatening delays

The letter was written by the Webberleys, and was also signed by nearly fifty prominent trans people, supporters and organisations.

“Gender dysphoria, if dismissed and ignored, is life-threatening across all age groups” it says. Despite that, trans patients are waiting up to four years for a first appointment with specialist NHS services. And it points out that during that wait there is often little support. 

“Now is the time for transgender voices to be heard and for their health to be given the same level of importance as every other person in Britain”, the petition says.



Picture credits: Petition from, Drs Mike and Helen Webberley from GenderGP.



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