Did transphobia make Childline drop Munroe Bergdorf?

Munroe Bergdorf

Childline have cut all links with trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf, days after announcing they’d be working with her in a campaign to help trans kids.

Munroe says she believes the charity (which is now part of the NSPCC) have responded to “anti-LGBT hate and overt transphobia”.

online attacks

Wednesday’s announcement of the partnership between Munroe and Childline was followed by critical online comments and posts.

They appeared in the places that trans people are routinely attacked, including Mumsnet and Twitter.

Munroe was most upset by a tweet to the NSPCC from the Times newspaper columnist and feature-writer Janice Turner.

funding veiled threat

That tweet asked the charity “can you please explain why a children’s safeguarding charity has hired a porn model as a Childline ambassador?”.

“It’s an astonishing decision. Is it worth the cancelled direct debits?”. 

When challenged about the accusation of being a porn model the journalist said it referred to Munroe appearing in Playboy.

That feature in Playboy is not something Munroe has hidden, and certainly not something she considers as porn. We’ve embedded her tweet about it from May.

help content deleted

Munroe says Childline “had the opportunity to lead by example and stand up for the trans community”. 

“But instead they decided to sever ties without speaking to me, delete all the content we made together and back-peddle without giving any reason why.

On Wednesday the charity had released a video of Munroe talking about growing up trans, and what she would say now to her younger self.

The advice video Munroe Bergdorf made with Childline has been deleted by the charity.

no ongoing relationship

They said at the time that they would be working with Munroe and other influencers and celebrities during Pride month, to help to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues among young people.

The announcement that the relationship is going no further comes in a short 5 sentence statement on the NSPCC website. The post on Friday said Munroe “will have no ongoing relationship with Childline or the NSPCC”. 

They say that Munroe had been referred to as Childine Ambassador, but “at no point as she been an Ambassador for the charity”. And they add that they don’t support personal statements made by celebrities who take part in campaigns.

unbelievably sad

TransNews contacted the NSPCC, to seek some clarity about what had been said or done to make them drop Munroe so quickly. They told us “at this stage we have nothing else to share apart from the statement on our website.”

Munroe says she is “unbelievably sad” at what has happened.

“I accepted their request to become their first LGBT+ campaigner because I care about the wellbeing of all LGBT+ kids”, she says. “Especially trans kids who are consistently targeted by British media outlets”.

“Pride is about resisting this kind of hate, not giving into it”.

history repeats

Just over a year ago Munroe stepped-down as an LGBT advisor to the Labour party because of “online abuse” .

She had been appointed to their advisory board a few weeks before, to help the shadow equalities minister. 



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