Trans supporters lead Pride in London

Trans supporters led the Pride march in London on Saturday, a year after the parade was hijacked by anti trans Lesbians.

The campaign group “LWithTheT” was formed after those events last year. This year it was given prime position in the parade.

Lesbian and Queer women carried the banner with their slogan and “not a debate”. They were followed by Gay and Queer men carrying “G with the T”, and Bisexuals carrying “B with the T”.

To hammer the message home there was a “Pride with the T” too.

welcome support
The organisers of Pride in London were sending a message to transphobes after what happened last year.

Trans people welcomed the support. 

Jennie Bujold tweeted “I have no words that can adequately describe what this means to me and many other trans people who were too scared to come to #Pride in London. THANK YOU for your solidarity”.
She had said earlier that she was staying away because she didn’t feel safe.
“I’m one of the 81% increase in trans hate crimes, and although the bruises are long gone, the scars remain. It doesn’t feel like there is much to party about for trans people. We need protest.”
shocking and disgusting 2018

On the 2018 march an anti-trans group calling itself “Get The L Out!” forced their way to the front and led the parade.

The organisers said they were not a registered parade group and that “their behaviour was shocking and disgusting, and we condemn it completely”.

They had fronted the march with a banner reading “trans activism erases Lesbians”.

Another said “Lesbian = Female Homosexual”, echoing the slogan of the anti-trans campaigners “Standing For Women”. Their billboard poster carrying the slogan was removed as transphobic.

Susie Green, CEO of Mermaids, with Jade Thirwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Little Mix march with Mermaids 

As well as having trans supporters at the front of the Pride march, trans organisations were well represented on the parade too.

Mermaids, the support organisation for trans children and their families, took part. Their supporters included Jade and Leigh-Anne from the pop group Little Mix.

“We’re incredibly excited”, Mermaids said, “their visible support of trans kids means the world to so many young transgender people and their families”.

The celebrities said it was an honour to be with Mermaids: “if you’re going to talk the ally talk you better walk the ally walk”.

Trans Radio UK had a place in the parade too, and broadcast from it. They ended the day with a bit of a street party on the Strand.


Picture credits: “LWithTheT” and “PrideWithTheT” banner pics by Claire Gallagher and used with permission. Susie Green and Little Mix members by Mermaids and used with permission.


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