Fighting the stereotypes with photos of trans lives

Bored of the same old photos of a faceless someone holding a trans symbol or flag every time you see an article abut trans issues online or in the paper?

So were the editors at the online news site Vice. So they’ve launched a free to use collection of images of trans people which aim to “go beyond the cliches”.

we’re part of everyday life

They say that they have repeatedly had a real problem finding stock photos of trans lives. So they’ve made their own, and they’re encouraging all media outlets to use it and to follow their lead.

And pictures of trans people don’t need to be confined to stories about trans issues. We’re a part of everyday life and everyday issues.

Just women at work

Just life

Just having a beer

not defined by our gender

“This collection aims to help media better represent members of these communities as people not necessarily defined by their gender identities”, they say on the Gender Spectrum Collection pages.

“People with careers, relationships, talents, passions, and home lives”.

chipping away harmful stereotypes

The pictures that go alongside articles about trans people and issues help to form people’s impressions of the community. And we’re not all anonymous. We’re not all flag wavers. And trans in not synonymous with drag.

“When used critically, they can chip away at harmful stereotypes”, Vice say. “Pushing more accurate perceptions and understandings to the fore”.

There’s advice for writers too. Think carefully about your headlines and he affect they will have on people’s lives …. avoid stereotypes … challenge your own biases and assumptions … and remember that not all trans people are trans women.

Now isn’t that refreshing? 


Picture Credits: all pictures from The Gender Spectrum Collection. The comp pic of images is made by Trans News UK from Gender Spectrum Collection images. All under the Creative Commons licence




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