Welsh Gender Clinic to open in September

Trans flag and stethoscopeThe long awaited first Gender Clinic for Wales will start to see patients in September, the Welsh government says.

The new service was first announced in 2017, and was originally due to start work last autumn.  

closer to home

The Welsh government says the service will begin working with interested groups this month, to make sure everything is set up right.

Vaughan Gething, Welsh government’s Health Minister

“We are committed to continue to engage with our stakeholders as the new service evolves”, says the Welsh government’s Minister for Health, Vaughan Gething.

“Establishing the new Welsh Gender Service is the first step in enabling people to access services closer to home”.

Until now trans people in Wales have had to travel to Gender Identity Clinics outside the country, mainly in London.

frustrations and apologies

The new Welsh Gender Team will be based in St David’s hospital in Cardiff. There will also be local teams in each health board, and help to make services better in GP surgeries.

In June the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board apologised for the delays, saying the service “has taken longer to set up than we anticipated, and we appreciate the frustrations this is causing”. 

St David’s Hospital in Cardiff

“We hope that you understand that Cardiff and Vale UHB believe it is essential to have the right mix of skills and expertise in place in order to be able to open the clinic”. 
The Health Board places the new Gender Identity Service under Mental Health on its website, despite the World Health Organisation saying being trans is not a mental illness.
“in limbo”
The Welsh government has been accused of leaving trans people in Wales “in limbo” with the delays in opening.
When another promised start was postponed in April, the campaigning group Wales Equality Alliance said delays have been down to “clinical incompetence and poor management”.


Picture Credits: Trans flag from Wiki Commons. Stethescope from Wiki Commons. (Comp. of the two by Transnews). Vaughan Gething, from the Welsh Assembly. St David’s Hospital from Google Maps.


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